The Maker of the Jar


I heard a story (again) yesterday.  A teacher takes out a jar, which is a life, and puts things in it:


  • 1st, Golf balls – your health, family & friends (is it full?);
  • 2nd, Marbles – your job, house, car, etc (is it full?);
  • 3rd, Sand – all the other stuff of life (is it full?).


They all fit if you put them in that order.  However, if you put the sand in first, then there is not enough room for everything.  The moral is to prioritise loving relationships first in life, otherwise, they suffer.

Now this story is fine on the surface, but it has always annoyed me, and yesterday I asked God ‘why is that?’  He answered straight away, showing me that this story is useless to people who lack:


  • Good health or a loving family;
  • A job or possessions; and
  • Everything else – if just staying alive is a struggle.


So this story only speaks to a privileged few.  It is only for those who are rich, in every sense of the word, those who have choice, who have to choose, because they have so much.


Contrast that story with this image from Revelation Chap 21.  God speaks to the faithful, who have lost their jobs, possessions and loved ones, who have been tortured and even killed because of their loyalty to Him.  He promises a new universe, with a new Jerusalem, where God and His people will live together like never before.  There will be no more death, grief, crying or pain.  God declares that life, the universe & everything is completed, as he is the beginning and the end of history, the reason for it all.


God’s Revelation is greater than man’s wisdom.  He will satisfy those who have everything and nothing, the loved and unloved, the comfortable and the suffering.  He made all the golf balls, all the marbles and all the sand – every good thing comes from him.  He made the jar itself.  He is the creator and ultimate fulfilment of the universe and of everything in it.  He is love and life itself.  Amen.

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I have been writing speculative fiction since 1991, although I did take a 15-year holiday from 1995-2010. I've been a Christian preacher since 1995 (that's not why I stopped writing). I've preached in the UK and Australia and in several different denominations, so I hope you won't find any sectarian bias.

6 thoughts on “The Maker of the Jar”

  1. Τhanks , I have гecently been searching for info approximаtely this topic for
    a while and уourѕ іs the best I have discovered so far.
    But, what concerning the conclusion? Are you certain concerning the supply?

    1. Hi Deloris,

      Thanks for your lovely comment! I am certain that God will provide ultimate fulfilment for his people in heaven. Please note that I am not preaching a ‘gospel of prosperity’ for Christians on earth, as many faithful people will be poor their whole lives. Nor am I ‘universalist’, suggesting that everyone will go to heaven, regardless of whether they accept Jesus as Lord.

      I have several hundred sermons in my back catalogue, and I am slowly adding them as posts. Were you looking for anything in particular? Please let me know and I will post it if I have it. By the way, if you are looking for preaching resources, can I also recommend I have used this site for many years and it is a fantastic resource. There are often several sermons for the same scripture by different preachers.

      Best Regards, Simon

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