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Once upon a time, it was called ‘Science Fiction’ or ‘Sci-Fi’ or ‘SF’.  These days the literati say Speculative Fiction, darling, and we’re a much broader genre (with heaps of sub-genres), which includes fantasy.  To be fair, one of my stories does have a princess locked in a castle, even though it is set in the 24th Century.  Okay, enough of the preamble…

Fiction Stories:

Misput Fealties  “In the 24th Year-hundred, Albion is a sundered land.  The risen sea has flooded the atomic crater in Orbital and much else besides, turning one land…”

The Daedalus Souls  This is a more traditional ‘hard SF’ story, set in 2069 when the Chinese government is launching the first interstellar mission and during the culmination of the mission in 2104-10.

Jubilee  This is an early work in progress.  To see this you’ll have to join the Adelaide Writers’ Group, which will be challenging if you don’t live in South Australia.  I will post some stuff about this story when it’s ready…

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