The story so far…

Deepa is a junior data centre manager for GloboMart, a huge multinational supermarket chain [think Walmart], working in Melbourne CBD.  What starts as just another suspected fraud, turns into a sales collapse of high-end stock in Tahiti, which spreads across the pacific islands.  Deepa and her colleague Elaine fly to Tahiti as they try to understand what is going on.

As ‘The Effect’ spreads geographically, so too does its impact, with consumer credit, mortgages – anything where money is borrowed or loaned – ending.  Deepa’s friend Naomi works in a bank, where they watch in horror as their lending business collapses.  Not only is it a financial crisis, but a kind of mass hysteria seems to overtake the population, with thousands, then millions, celebrating being ‘forgiven’ all debt.

It overruns New Zealand and Sharon, Deepa’s manager, sends her to Auckland, where she sees winners and losers alike doing strange things.  Then she finds out that this phenomenon is spreading across the Earth from a single point, like a slow shock wave across the ocean.  It is heading towards Australia.  Deepa and Sharon go to Canberra to be briefed on the coming fall of the Australian economy, as the Federal Government evacuates.

Now an unwilling Government employee, and signatory of the Official Secrets Act, Deepa is sent back to Tahiti to ‘advise’ the investigating team…          

Well, that’s ‘Jubilee’ so far

I’m only 15,000 words in, but I’m enjoying it and enjoying sharing it with the Adelaide Writers’ Group.

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Photo by Isiah Gibson on Unsplash