Misput Fealties


In the 24th Year-hundred, Albion is a sundered land.  The risen sea has flooded the atomic crater in Orbital and much else besides, turning one land and one nation into many.  Rival factions play against each other, and they all fear the wrath of the Muslims, imprisoned in the Zone since the 22nd.


Albion in the 24th Century

In this boiling pot, a small cast of folk are thrown together, some with a game plan to push themselves forward, while others only want to live.  Swan is one of those, a Seer who can use the Stone to access all the craft and knowledge of the Forebears, but he leaves his lifework behind.

Swan roves the land and ends up serving than one master.  Each one has a different goal for Albion and its people.  Lincolnshire wants to shatter the Zone and will plot with Orbital to do so, whereas Wessex wants to make peace with the Zoners and build an alliance to rule Albion.  Can Swan pick a winner in the great game, and survive?  And can he live with himself afterwards?  What is right for him, for those he serves, those he loves, and for Albion: can they ever be the same?

From the start, he finds the life of a rover can be brutal, and every choice causes hurt; helping some only harms others.  As he grows in strength and skill, the mighty need his fealty more – and the choices grow worse.  In the end, he settles on saving one person, one beloved enemy of his people, the Zoner Princess imprisoned in Lincoln Burg.  He does what it takes to save her, killing foe and friend alike, but who is she, truly? Can they ever be together?

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