Orbital and the Zone

From the Story

“Despite the fact that the Persian strike had killed many thousands of British Muslims, the resulting backlash led to a pogrom in many UK cities, which killed as many as the initial atomic explosion. Many non-Muslims of Middle-Eastern or Asian ethnicity also suffered in the indiscriminate violence, and people of all ethnic groups were subject to ‘tit-for-tat’ revenge attacks. Eventually, the Unity Government regained control through the imposition of Martial Law, and surviving Muslims were forcibly segregated and relocated to central Birmingham –”

– the  Gaffer spat again –

 “– which was severely damaged by the fighting. This colony was known as ‘Zone One’, as it had been intended to create another such enclave in Bradford, to be called ‘Zone Two’, but the latter city was so thoroughly devastated as to be uninhabitable. Therefore, Zone One was enlarged, encompassing all the land inside the M5-M6-M42 ring and became known simply as ‘The Zone’; the Superhighway fields provided a secure border. In a curious parallel, the name ‘London’ fell out of favour, with the surviving boroughs being officially renamed ‘The Suburbs’, but this term never found its way into popular use, and the habitable zone around the flooded crater and radioactive surround became known as ‘Orbital’>.”

<Output from the Stone>

The Zone

It is a hundred years since the Flood, when up-to-date records in the Stone ceased.  Since then, the densely populated Zone has expanded significantly outside the original M5-M6-M42 ring.  In the 24th Year Hundred, the Zone’s political influence extends south-west to the coast at Worcester, south-east to Leamington Spa and east to the ‘Lutterworth Triangle’ of the M6-M1-M69.

Zone, Misput Fealties, 24th Century, 24th Year Hundred
The Zone in the 24th Year Hundred

Acknowledgement: This image was created from Flood Maps at firetree.net.

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